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Anna C.

Anna Individual 2.jpg

When we started talking to Shawn, we had 3 questions we needed answered:


1.) Which coaching style would be the best fit?

2.) Were the colleges on Anna's list realistic? 

3.) How does Anna decide what the best fit would be?


Shawn was able to help us answer these questions. He is able to grade a bowlers ability and know where your game would be an asset to the program. He also has an extensive knowledge of colleges, coaches, and program expectations. His unique ability to be able to put this all together and show us where he saw the best matches helped us narrow the list down to just a couple schools at the end. 


In my opinion, we would have continued to struggle and potentially missed out on opportunities had we not enlisted Shawn's help with the recruiting process. Will always be very grateful for the help he provided us.

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