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individual consulting

Are you a high school student who knows you want to bowl in college, or a parent of one, but have ZERO idea of where to begin your college search process? 

Shawn can provide individual and family consulting to help you find your perfect fit institution.  Whether you are looking to start at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university, bowl for an NCAA program (women only) or are open to any of the levels of college bowling, Shawn can help. 


One thing to know is that while there's a program for everyone, not every program is for everyone.  Shawn will help you find your fit based on what you are looking to study (academics always come first), the size and type of campus you are looking for, your skill level and your growth mindset.  With his rolodex of college coaches, he is sure to connect you with several options! 

To schedule a zoom call or phone conversation, click on the button below and provide some basic information about yourself, what you are looking for, and a couple of dates and times that would work for your initial conversation. 


drake b.
Class of 2023

In my recruiting conversations with Shawn, he made sure that I was putting my education first when it came to making my decision.

Drake B.

Drake Acceptance.jpg
Callan Family.jpg
Anna C
University of Nebraska
Class of 2026

The way Shawn helped us navigate the recruitment process with Anna will never be forgotten.

Chaz C.

Michaela C.
Lincoln Memorial University
Class of 2026

Shawn comes from both coaching and administrative sides of college life. Because of this, he was able to help us with not only knowing what to look for in a coach, but the school as well.

Dawn C.

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