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team consulting

Are you looking for someone to come into your college program and talk about team building, the mental game, and what it takes to be successful at the highest level in college bowling?  Shawn can provide a one to three day retreat full of insight and information from his years of coaching a top 10 ranked program.  Success is never guaranteed as that depends on the open-mindedness of the student-athletes and their work-ethic following the retreat, but the methods have been proven to work! 


Reach out to Shawn to discuss opportunities for your program!

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retreat options

Each team retreat will be structured uniquely for each team.  While there are some things that will remain constant across all of them, the goal is to have your program get out of the experience what you want.  Some things that can be done and/or discussed include:

  • Team building outings like a Rage Room, Laser Tag, Escape Room, Arcades, and other events of the like

  • Team building activities in the classroom that will help to build genuine trust and respect

  • Mental performance training

  • Defining and creating team culture

  • Coach to Coach mentoring

Regardless of the activities that are incorporated into the retreat, your student-athletes will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other, as well as the opportunity to grow as a program. The mental training that will take place is a combination of the Mental Performance Mastery certification that Shawn has and his own experiences as a college coach for 15 seasons.  

High school team options

I could craft something for your high school team similar to what I do for college programs, depending on their competitive level.  However, I would recommend providing a session more about what college bowling is, the experiences they can expect to have, and how to find the right fit.  I would talk about the various level within college bowling:


  • NAIA

  • NCAA (women's only)

  • Club

  • Varsity Non-Affiliated

Parents would be more than welcome to attend the session as well!

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